Retired Couple Make a Living Playing Games at Home

Hello there, WorkAtHomeBuzz users! My name is Ed, and my wife Patricia and I found a way to make ends meet when we retired without leaving the house or doing work we hated. We retired about six years ago and thought we were set financially. We were wrong, dreadfully wrong, but the awesome jobs we found on this site saved our bacon!

We’d been saving diligently for retirement for most of our married lives. I worked for the city and my wife worked as an HR assistant, and we made a decent living between the two of us, enough to pay the bills, raise our four children, and sock a little away in a 401K so that we could live the charmed life we’d always dreamed retirement would be.

When we thought we were monetarily set and I hit 30 years of loyal service that came with health insurance to carry us through the rest of our days, we both called it quits. We were still a few years from being able to draw social security, but we had prepared well. We were going to be just fine. We downsized into a house that was more manageable for just the two of us, and it was a wonderful little home. We bought an RV and decided to head South for the winter, maybe use it to travel the countryside a bit during the remaining months of the year. I played golf several days a week, and my wife joined a walking club at the mall. For that first year or so, retirement was everything that we’d imagined.

Then, our retirement account took a big financial hit and we realized very quickly that it wasn’t going to last long enough while maintaining our fun, retired lifestyle. It was terrifying to think I might leave my beloved wife without enough money to live out her days if something were to happen to me. We were going to have to abandon our dreams of freedom or find another way to make money. We kicked around a few ideas, and we realized people were actually making money doing work over the internet. My computer skills were lacking, and my wife’s weren’t incredible, but we decided to take a few online courses to brush up.

From there, we started looking for remote jobs, and we found a job that’s dreamy beyond words at We test games. Yes, games. People actually pay us to play computer games, and they pay us well. We’d always puttered around with online games, and now we get the opportunity to try out the latest and greatest puzzle games before anyone else, except now it comes with a great paycheck. We’re actually making more per year than we were when we were in our old jobs, $50,000 a year if you can believe that, and we’re doing “work” that we absolutely love!

Because we found these mind bending remote positions, we’re able to put in a full-time work week without leaving our home. All we need to carry out this exciting work is a couple low-budget computers and a high speed internet connection. We get to spend our days at home together being productive, and we’ve still got plenty of time and energy for the activities we enjoy!


8 thoughts on “Retired Couple Make a Living Playing Games at Home

  1. Serge Poirier on Reply

    Je suis un retraité de 57 ans. J’adore créer et programmer des formulaires informatiques dans Excel. J’ai eu une entreprise de structure d’acier et que j’ai vendu il y a 6 ans. Présentement je suis à la maison et disponible.

    1. admin on Reply

      Nous avons beaucoup d’emploi grâce à votre expérience. S’il vous plaît vous inscrire et postuler pour le poste qui vous intéresse.

  2. Joseph Carroll on Reply


    Please tell me more about this opportunity.

    I am eagerly looking for a home working opportunity. I do not have a website.

    Please reach out to me.

  3. Margarida Alves on Reply

    Would like to find more information about working from home.
    Looking forward to hearing from yourselves.
    Kind regards

    1. admin on Reply

      Hi Margarida, we had position opened for game tester. We should be getting more position for app testing which also includes games sometime. Please sign up and leave your resume so we can alert once we have positions opened up.

    1. admin on Reply

      Hi Kris, we get gaming related jobs time to time. We will alert as soon as we a position opened. I would encourage you sign up and drop your resume meanwhile.

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