How I Make Full-Time Money as a Stay At Home Mom

Hi! I’m Lindsay. I want to tell you about how I found an incredible marketing job that let me provide for my family and still be there for them on I’m very passionate about helping other moms find awesome opportunities like I did, and I hope you can use my story and the site to find work that works for you!

When I was pregnant with my first child, I didn’t think going back to work would be any big deal. I actually liked my job, I made decent money doing it, and I had every intention of climbing the ladder so that I could provide an amazing future for my daughter.

Then she got here. Everything changed. The idea of turning her over to someone else for many of her waking hours was unbearable. I couldn’t imagine missing her first word, her first steps, but that was precisely what was going to happen if I continued with the demanding position I was in. No matter how much I loved my job, my priorities changed. I told my husband I wasn’t going back, and though he was wholly supportive, something had to give. We’d save a bundle on the daycare we had expected to be paying for, but not nearly enough to compensate for my lost income. Our lifestyle was going to have to change quickly or I was going to have to come up with a way to have my cake and eat it, too.

I spent a ton of time researching what each of the big job boards called work from home positions. It’s different all over, and it made finding a remote position even harder than it needed to be. When I did find the remote positions I was looking for, I found that a whole lot of them were scams. I couldn’t believe scammers were getting away with posting on these supposedly reputable job boards!

What would I do from home, anyways? I was working in advertising, but that was kind of a team sport, right? Maybe not. I found literally all types of positions available on Work At Home Buzz, from management to HR to sales to software development. There was so much more out there than I could have ever comprehended, and the site verifies the positions before posting so that I wasn’t stuck chasing leads that went nowhere.

This meant there was hope. Maybe I could pull off being a working stay at home mom. I sifted through a lot of junk job postings and sites before I found Work At Home Buzz, and I was astounded at the number of professional positions I had access to right from their site. There were positions with companies I’d heard of before, even.

As an absolute added bonus (for me, at least) to remote work, my options really opened up since I could work for an employer based anywhere in the country or even the world. I’d never have to commute to a repressive office building again. Plus, many positions allowed me to work on my own time so that I didn’t need childcare.

The absolute best part about Work At Home Buzz for me was that it’s completely free for employees. I posted my optimized resume and sought out the perfect job for me at no charge. I found my dream job and now I absolutely do get to have my cake and eat it, too!


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    I want to start work from home please guide me… How do I make such money to earn a living… I am really interested…

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    Thanking you for your regular Career subjects you are sending me, from your esteemed Organization. I am for about 30 years civil aviation and airlines professional, event organizer and presenter and professional public speaker, counsellor, mediator, arbitrator and conflict/dispute resolution expert, a peace ambassador, business, marketing and property consultant, ethical, moral, spiritual and religious inspirational, motivational, transformational life coacher, who has given over 100 talks, while travelling extensively around the world, about 50 countries, about 20 of them in Africa and lived in 6 of them, originally from Ethiopia to Liberia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Lesotho, South Africa and Namibia, as International Baha’i Pioneer Teacher of Baha’i International, an NGO with the United Nations, in New York, now in New Zealand. As I do not drink, smoke or take drug, cause of principle of my Baha’i Faith, am still strong and young at heart, to work and wish to share my experiences, services, professions and wisdom more universally, at 81+; as a British Scholar said “A little conversation across the table with a wise man, is better than ten years of studying books” and another African Proverb says “Wisdom is not like money to be locked, but to be shared with others”, what would you recommend please, from your extensive professional experience, for me to do, more than what I have done, from now on.

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