Claude wins his first contract via WAHB and buys a car

Hello, I’m Claude from Montreal, Canada. I’m a 26 year old guy with a degree in economics. Spending my formative years watching widespread economic downturn, I developed something of an obsession growing up with how people can make the right money decisions. I wasn’t quite sure how I could apply what I learned to actually help people in the real world, though.

Then, I found a great job on Work At Home Buzz teaching high school kids math and economics. The best part? I was working online from home. It took some trials and tribulations to get to where I’m at now. Let me tell you how WAHB changed my life.
Just a year ago, I was staring down homelessness. I was having a difficult time finding work even though it seemed like all my friends were well on their way to successful careers, and I knew I’d need a vehicle in order to embark on my career. I live in a fairly rural area, so the car was a must. It was alright, though. Buying a car on credit wasn’t an ideal situation, but it’d do.

I looked around online and found a car dealership that I thought seemed pretty reasonably priced, and it seemed like they had good luck getting people financed. I caught a ride over there with a friend and started looking around. The sales guy was happily showing me a few cars that I thought might be in my price range, and I took one for a test drive. It was perfect for me, so I headed back to the office to fill out paperwork for a loan. They took some of my information, realized I was poor as a church mouse, and they literally showed me out the door. I was so poor that even the bad credit guaranteed dealership wouldn’t finance a car. I was so embarrassed.

It was totally not the life I had imagined. When I decided what I wanted to do with my life and headed off to obtain higher education, I had big plans. I would help people. I would find a job that allowed me to not worry about my finances, something that seemed like a bit of pipe dream with my poor upbringing. And here I was, stuck at a point where even a lame, low-paying job was out of my reach.
When I finished my degree, I experienced elation that I never could have imagined. I felt like I had endless possibilities. I’d lined up a couple interviews for internships and due to good grades and a pretty hearty resume for a young adult, I felt pretty good about my chances. Then, reality sank in.

I had less than no money. I literally couldn’t even afford to get a job. I had no transportation to get to and from work (which I also didn’t have). I didn’t have anywhere to turn.

When I hit rock bottom, I’ll admit I wallowed in self-pity for a while. Then, I went looking for a way to fix it. I spent a lot of time looking on the internet for ways to make ends meet. Lo and behold, I found I could make ends meet ON the internet from my own home. Not only that, there were jobs that would allow me to pursue my dreams of helping other people. Seriously, it was perfect for car-less me.

On Work At Home Buzz, I found a math and economics tutoring position. Now, I make a living teaching the kids who will control the future of our world economy how they can do just that. It’s a dream come true, and I get to do it from the spare bedroom. I’ve been at it for just three months now, and I’ve turned my whole life around. I even made enough that last week I went back to that dealership and bought a car, free and clear!


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